Algorithmic Strings

Controlled randomness applied to the practice of the viola, violin and cello

Juan Ayuso Jiménez



This app is designed to work with until four octaves viola, violin and cello scales using randomness. It’s based on those of Ivan Galamian’s pitches, rhythms and bowings patterns.

How to use:Tutorial

  1. Generate the scale you want to work with on ‘Pitch generator module’. Select instrument, octaves, etc.

  2. Create variations with the following modules: ‘Rhythm generator module’ and/or ‘Bowings generator module’. You can combine them (in this order). Each score is unique, so you can generate many of them with the same parameters.

  3. Generate the score on the buttons with in the modules. You can also download it in PDF or XML formats.

Pitches generator module: Octaves:

Number of notes to generate:

Rhythm generator module: Sixteenth
Dotted eigth

Rests probability:



Bowings generator module :

Slur 1:

Slur 2:

Slur 3: